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Name: Sherman

Age: 10-12?

Breed: Maltese Mix

Owner: Katie and Mike Cocco

Hometown: Nutley, NJ

Likes: Food, laps, ear scratchers

Dislikes: Rain

Katie and Mike Cocco says:

My husband and I adopted Sherman almost two years ago. He was an older dog, close to 10 years old (best guess) but full of life and incredibly affectionate. He had been neglected, and then passed from shelter to shelter because of his age. Shermie had all but two of his teeth removed, and so is on a soft diet- but it's never stopped him from eating as much as he can as quickly as he can! Adopting Sherman was the best decision Mike and I ever made. We don't know what we ever did without his doggy smile and zest for life. There's no better companion for our family than this little guy. 

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