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Name: Homer

Age: 3 years old

Breed: English Bulldog

Owner: Mhyok

Hometown: Antipolo, Philippines

Likes: mommy!...and meeting new faces

Dislikes: sound of a motorcycle

Mhyok says:

i got homer when he was 2 yo and we hit it off instantly - he's the adorable companion. he would follow me around and would stay by my feet (snoozing) esp when i am in front of the computer. he loves to play fetch but only if you'd chase him - but he'd rather run after motorcycles and bicycles or anything that has two moving wheels. he loves to ride in cars that the minute he sees me with a purse and car keys, he would run off to the car waiting for me to open the door so that he could climb in. he is a well behaved dog that he rarely barks but according to people, his looks can still be very intimidating :)

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