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  • Prepare your Dog For Guests

    The next time you have guests in town, make sure your pooch is on his best behavior with these easy suggestions.

  • How to Set Boundaries With Your Dog

    Setting boundaries doesn't mean you don't love your dog, but it's important to let her know who's boss. Here are the best ways to do so.

  • Could a Veterinary Behaviorist Help Your Dog?

    Misbehaving mutts can be transformed into well-behaved and seemingly happier dogs thanks to therapy and medications. Could such a human-based approach help your pet?

  • How Aggressive Is Your Canine?

    Using two extensive surveys, a research team has recently rated dogs based on their levels of aggression. Check where your dog might fall on the list and learn why determining canine aggression is an inexact science.

  • Teach Your Dog to Swim

    Discover how teaching man's best friend the doggie paddle can be lifesaving in the future (and even possibly land Rover a gig on ESPN).

  • Show Dog Skills for Any Mutt

    Even if your pet isn't a show dog superstar, it's the star of your show, and skills required for professional events can come in handy outside the ring. Our dog show training experts tell you why and how.

  • How to best bond with your new dog

    Bringing home a new dog is a big decision. Once your furry friend has finally arrived, here are the best ways to bond with her so you become best friends fast.

  • How to Succeed at Off-Leash Dog Play

    From special playgroups to dog parks, pet owners and their pooches are enjoying the exercise and socialization that "free" play provides. Risks, however, are involved. Here are tips to ensure a good time for all.

  • Make Your Dog a Part of Your Wedding

    I'm getting married next month and would love to involve my dog in the ceremony. Can I bring it into the wedding festivities?

  • Your Dog Can Be a Professional Actor

    Dogs often appear in television shows, movies, commercials and more. If your dog has star quality, it could be a hit in Hollywood and enjoy the spotlight too.

  • The Best Way to Respond to Your Dog

    Dog trainers often say that owners should respond and not react to their dogs' behavior, but what does that mean?

  • Teach Your Dog Self-control

    Why do some dogs seem to have more self-control than others? I've noticed that this is true no matter how much training a particular dog receives.

  • Summer Activities for Dogs

    My dog is an Olympian wannabe. Can I enhance its skills with special performance dog gear that's appropriate for the summer?

  • Do Dogs Get Revenge on Their Owners?

    My dog sometimes goes to the bathroom on the floor of my home when I am away from the house. Is it somehow trying to get revenge for being left alone?

  • Should You Train With a Head Halter?

    A trainer suggested that I get a head halter for my dog. How does this device help me and my dog?

  • Get Your Dog Comfortable With a New Name

    I'd like to change my dog's name. How can I get my dog to respond and become used to the new one?

  • Teach Your Dog to Guard an Object

    Can I train my dog to guard and protect a valuable object?

  • How to Teach an Old Dog New Tricks

    Just because you have a senior dog doesn't mean you can't train it the same way as you would a puppy.

  • Can a Tether Help You Train Your Dog Off-leash?

    My dog is not trained off-leash, so a friend suggested that I get a tether. How should I use it, and can it somehow help me train my dog?

  • How to Stop Dog Begging

    My dog is such a beggar; it won't stop pestering me until I relent. How can I break my pet of this habit?

  • How to Stop Your Cairn Terrier From Chasing

    My cairn terrier always tries to chase cars, bikers and even joggers. Is there anything I can do to curb my dog's desire to run after anything that moves?

  • Train Your Dog for Holiday Gatherings

    Now that we are heading into the winter holiday season, I'd like to better train my dog to behave appropriately during visits to the homes of friends and relatives. Can you help?

  • Teach Your Dog to Sing

    I've seen dogs sing on TV, and I believe there are even canine karaoke events. How can I teach my dog to do this trick?

  • Letting Your Dog Sleep on the Bed

    I love my Yorkshire terrier; it sleeps in my bed. My husband, however, complains that it moves around too much. How can I keep my dog in the bed and still keep the peace?

  • How to Break Your Dog’s Bad Habits Today

    My dog has turned into a counter-surfer, stealing food from my countertops whenever it can. What can I do to break this bad habit?

  • Keep Yourself and Your Dog Safe in the Car

    What do experts say is the safest way to bring dogs along on car rides? Should I only drive with my dog if necessary, such as when taking it to the vet?

  • Private or Group Dog-training Classes?

    I'm considering either hiring a private trainer for my dog or taking her to group classes. Obviously there's a price difference to consider between these two options, but are there any other reasons why I should consider one over the other?

  • Can a Dog Help Your Child Read?

    Did you know that trained dogs teach kids how to read? Learn how literacy dog programs around the world are helping human students.

  • Train Your Dog to Go Fetch

    On TV, I've seen dogs fetch sodas from the fridge for their owners. How can I train my dog to do this?

  • Dogs and Airplane Travel: A Deadly Mix?

    Surveys show that certain dog breeds are at greater risk of health threats during air travel than other canines. Learn if your dog is at heightened risk, and what to do if your pet must fly.

  • Understanding Your Dog’s Mealtime Behavior

    Why does my dog guard her food bowl, and what can I do to get her to stop?

  • Dog Scouts of America Rewards Canines

    Based on popular Girl Scouts and Boy Scouts programs for young adults, the Dog Scouts of America gives canines a chance to earn merit badges and more.

  • Teaching Your Dog Commands

    I recently read about a border collie that comprehends more than 1,000 words. My Labrador retriever understands a handful of basic words, such as its name, my husband's name, "come" and "no." How can I teach it more?

  • Westminster Dog Show Expert Shares Training Secrets

    A professional dog handler from this year’s 134th annual Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show reveals his best dog grooming and training tips.

  • Teens Teach Kids About Dog Training

    Dog training is kid's play, suggests a new book written by two high school sophomores. What can you learn from these young canine-savvy instructors?

  • Treat Training in Seven Steps

    Yes, you can teach an old -- or young -- dog new tricks. Just grab some dog biscuits and follow these easy tips.

  • Dog Training Can Be Fun and Games

    Why work when you don't have to? Renowned British dog trainer Kay Laurence advocates the use of games and play as a means to train dogs and strengthen our bonds with them.

  • Anger Management for Your Dog

    Sometimes your pooch may growl or act unusually aggressive, but don't despair. It's not anger management class that your dog needs, but a reminder of who's the boss.



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