Make Every Day Valentine’s Day for Your Dog

By Jaime Lynn Smith

Make Every Day Valentine’s Day for Your Dog

Many pet owners make every day Valentine’s Day for their pets. The line isn’t hard to draw: You simply give unconditional love. Nevertheless, if you’re looking to really treat Fido like it’s February 14 every day, throw in endless recreation, the ultimate meal, an inventive “date” and lots of cuddles.

1. Start out with an invigorating morning of exercise. To stimulate your pet’s senses, go somewhere other than the local dog park or your usual haunts. For example, find a far-away dog park with new friends, take your pet on a playdate to a doggie-friend’s house, or take your dog to a favorite pet store and let it wander the aisles or pick a new toy. (Obviously, you can’t purchase a new toy every day, but your pet will have fun on the journey nonetheless.)

2. Follow that up with a jog on a hiking trail, around a pond or around a different neighborhood from your own. If you’re so inclined, you could even enroll your dog in a months- or weeks-long training program of some sort. It’ll relish the attention and the praise it gets from learning something new to do with you, and you could have a better-trained animal companion.

3. Consider taking a car ride so your pet can stick its snout out the window and entertain every glorious smell that comes its way as its ears flap in the wind! Even if your furry friend just accompanies you to the grocery store or to a friend’s house for coffee, your dog will love the ride and the company.

If you make every day like Valentine’s Day for your dog, you’ll have a happy, healthy animal that has a strong grasp on what real love is like.

Jaime Lynn Smith is an accomplished writer and pet owner from Cleveland, Ohio. She writes the popular blog, and she volunteers for local and national pet-welfare organizations.

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