Holiday Gifts for Dogs

By Paris Permenter and John Bigley

Holiday Gifts for Dogs

Considering purchasing a holiday gift for your dog? You’re not alone. The American Pet Products Association predicts that 53 percent of dogs will receive a gift this season. Available for all budget, stocking stuffers for dogs range from practical to fun. Here are some top new holiday offerings.

Angry Birds dog toys. The popular video game is now a line of canine toys, from an extra-sturdy disc flyer to squeaking heads. The birds may be angry, but your dog will be happy -- and so will your wallet with these inexpensive toys.

Flash Gordon Pet ID Tags. Designed by an engineer using 3-D software, these dog tags are as beautiful and fun as they are fashionable and functional. Stainless steel with a bronze, antique bronze or gold-plated finish, the tags range from a 3-D heart to dog bones.

FUR Dry. Like a doggie bathrobe, the FUR Dry wraps Fido in terry cloth comfort to speed the drying process after his bath. With Velcro straps, the FUR Dry lets your dog hop on the couch or bed -- without dampening your furniture -- while his coat dries.

Glowdoggie LED Collar. These LED collars help make your dog visible on those evening winter walks. The German-engineered collars are waterproof and run on AAA batteries.

Petmate UV Light Infinity Purifying Pet Fountain. Fresh water encourages more drinking from your dog, and keeping it circulating helps ensure the liquid is cool and oxygenated. Besides circulating the water, this innovative fountain uses both a filtration system and an ultraviolet light to blast bacteria and waterborne pathogens.

Silver Tails Infrared Massager. Part of a line of products designed especially for senior pets, this massager uses both heat and kneading action to help your dog’s discomfort from hip dysplasia, arthritis and sore muscles. The rechargeable massager has two head sizes for small and large pets.

Tagg the Pet Tracker. Are you worried that your dog might decide to explore without you? This new advanced GPS dog tracking system utilizes your mobile phone or computer to monitor your canine if he wanders off. Tagg uses a tracker attached to your dog’s collar and alerts you when he ventures beyond a preset zone.

Paris Permenter and John Bigley are the founders of and the authors of Barkonomics: Tips for Frugal Fidos. They are frequent contributors to The Dog DailyThe husband-and-wife team lives with its two rescue dogs, Irie and Tiki, in Texas. 

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Posted on February 9, 2012

Ricardo says: I’m so torn on this! I vortnueeled at the ASPCA where their review policy is very lax. They used to do a more involved background check, which included references and an application form asking all of the questions you mentioned in your post. Then they did a 180. They felt that this process alienated adopters and didn’t keep lines of communication open. Now they don’t even do a background check (although they check if the person is in public housing because there are some BSL rules). They have a “questionnaire” rather than an application. They feel that if someone wants a pet, they will get one and the ASPCA would rather that person adopt in a comfortable environment than buy from a pet store. Makes sense, but still…to have no guidelines in place seems like the pendulum has swung too far the other way.

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