5 Great Dog Twitter Accounts to Follow

By Dorian Wagner

5 Great Dog Twitter Accounts to Follow

It’s widely rumored that cats are taking over the Internet, but if the number of dogs with Twitter accounts is any indication, dogs come in a close second.

Here are five fun dog Twitter accounts to follow:

@TheShihtzuation: Much like his Jersey Shore namesake, this pup’s got some spike in his bite. He’s all about GTL (“Get the Leash”) and keeping up appearances for the ladies. It’s a fun ride.

@BuddyThePuggy: This is a cute little pug that is a self-proclaimed mama’s boy. There are lots of cute puggy photos here, along with the occasional snorting and tooting, as any pug is wont to do.

@frugaldougal: With nearly 8,000 followers, he’s one of the top dogs on Twitter. Dougal organizes a “pawpawty” every month, which is a virtual 24-hour tweetup to raise money for animals. So far, he’s helped raise more than $50,000!

@GetPuppySmart: Not exactly a dog, but these tweets are loaded with fun dog facts and tips. Did you know “hair of the dog” originally referred to treating rabid dog bites by placing hair from the dog in the bite wound? You would if you followed!

@NickNaked: Track this dog who likes to bite and sleep, and you will never forget when breakfast is -- he tweets about it daily. You’ll also get frequent doses of puppy love. And don’t worry; despite the name, there is no nudity involved here. He’s even wearing a lion costume in his photo.

Follow one or all of these, and you just may find your virtual man’s best friend.

Dorian Wagner is the founder of YourDailyCute.com. "Rescued" is her favorite dog breed. Dorian's articles have previously appeared in The Dog Daily.

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