Can Social Media Save You Money on Your Dog?

By Michele C. Hollow

Can Social Media Save You Money on Your Dog?

Meryl Donovan loves to pamper her pooch. She also likes to save money. She is one of many people who do their shopping online -- often using Facebook and Twitter.

“I was on Facebook and read an announcement for a discount coupon for dog products with free shipping,” says Donovan. “I liked the fact that I could have several items shipped right to my front door.” The free shipping of this particular offer also tempted her to investigate social media offerings more.

Athena Yap, owner of Jackboy’s Dog Bakery, is also a big fan of Twitter and Facebook. Her Twitter account is linked to her Facebook page, so whenever she posts a promotion, it goes to both sites. One of her latest tweets and Facebook announcements was for 20 percent savings off popular dog treats.

She tweets one promotion a week, and tweets about other non-promotional subjects. “This way, my followers are not overwhelmed with just promotions, but other beneficial tips and personal input,” she says.

Kevin Rehmer, owner of Collars With Color, is a big fan of Facebook. “We actively use Facebook to grow our business,” says Rehmer. “Primarily through Facebook ads, we’ve soared past 1,500 fans, whom we’ve engaged through posting our new products, offering sales and discounts, asking questions about pets, and posting relevant articles. All of this has definitely helped build our business, as our sales from Facebook fans are roughly 30 percent of our overall Internet sales.”

Social media shopping isn’t for everyone, but even major brands frequently maintain Facebook and Twitter accounts to provide information about new products, sales, contests and much more. If you are already using Facebook and Twitter, consider adding these brand members to your network.

Michele C. Hollow is a journalist and author who specializes in writing about animal welfare. Her blog, Pet News and Views, covers pet care, wildlife, and people who work with and on the behalf of animals.

Posted on July 22, 2011

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