How Adoption Can Save You Money

By Paris Permenter and John Bigley

How Adoption Can Save You Money

Adopting a shelter or rescue dog can be the most economical way to find your new best friend. Adoption fees vary by location, but they average about $100 at shelters. (Fees for rescues are a little higher.) Along with mixed breeds, there are many purebreds available for adoption. Statistics show that about a fourth of the dogs in shelters are purebred. Breed-specific rescues are an excellent resource for purebred-dog lovers.

Most adoptable dogs have already received spaying/neutering, age-appropriate immunizations, deworming and microchipping. These are services that, if purchased separately, would total $380 to $480. Some shelters even offer a free first month of pet insurance with adoption.

You can save even more by taking advantage of special discounts. Shelters routinely lower the fee for senior dogs and dogs that have been awaiting adoption for an extended period of time. The savings are not only monetary. Remember: With every adoption, you may also be saving a dog's life.

Paris Permenter and John Bigley are the founders of  and the authors of Barkonomics: Tips for Frugal Fidos. The husband-and-wife team lives with its two rescue dogs, Irie and Tiki, in Texas.

Posted on February 4, 2011

dm says: With every adoption, you actually have the potential to save two lives- the one you are bringing home and the next dog that will benefit from the adoption fee and open kennel space.

Posted on January 31, 2011

Tina Salvidar says: This link doesn't seem to be working. Thought you would like to know!

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