Take a Day Trip With Your Dog

By Carol Bryant

Take a Day Trip With Your Dog

Taking an excursion with your dog doesn’t need to be an expensive or planning-intensive experience. With a little ingenuity and some online searching, freestyling a day trip with your dog can be action-packed fun!

Prepare, pack, pursue and play are the four tasks at hand.

Prepare and Pack
Live the “safety first” mantra and pack an “ACH” (anything can happen) kit. Include a dog-themed first-aid kit, fresh water, a bowl, an identification tag, a photo, cleanup bags, and any snacks or food for the day. Keep pests away with flea and tick repellant, and have a pair of tweezers handy in case a tick finds your dog.

Pursue and Play
Many wineries across the country are opening their cellars to pet-friendly travelers. Strolling through the grounds of a winery with a well-behaved dog is sure to conjure up a fun getaway.

Situated on 612 acres, Arlington National Cemetery in the northern part of Virginia that borders Washington, D.C., is the final resting place of more than 300,000 people. Well-behaved, respectful people and leashed dogs are permitted. A pet stroller or buggy allows those who have smaller or elderly dogs to easily transport their pets and carry water, supplies and necessities.

The newest trend in dog getaways? Glamping. Nature meets nurture for dogs that are on a budget but wish to camp -- without the sleeping bag and the “roughing it” that’s typically associated with the outdoors. Many glamping retreats have canvas tents on decks that are furnished with linens, towels and lighting.

For the seafaring crowd, some water ferry shuttles and whale watching cruises allow dogs aboard. Dogs should be accustomed to water, friendly with people and able to handle a three- to four-hour water ride.

Given the above, I therefore encourage you to sit, stay and enjoy the time away with your special best friend in a 24-hour getaway.

Carol Bryant is the Social Media and PR Director for Fido Friendly magazine. A frequent media contributor, Carol is a two-time nominee from the Dog Writers Association of America, and she maintains her own dog blog, Fidose of RealityHer articles have previously appeared in The Dog Daily.

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